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As the topic suggests that this article is focused on the situation of engineers in India but it is not only for the Indian reader or viewer. This article will target each and every issue currently going in all around and the focuse will be on India. Other countryman can also learn from this and improve their deficiencies.

In our previous articles, we have discussed everything about mechanical engineering like their importance, career, jobs, future etc. But in today’s article we are going to take a look at the real and actual question which is definitely rounding in every person’s mind. That is – “why the engineers are unemployed in India” ?
Let’s take a look at this unanswered and relatable topic.


See, this is a million dollar question. It is quite difficult to find the real problem of any question or debate. But we can definitely find the root cause of that particular thing.
There is no reason to be unemployed of an engineer. But the lack of intent of a student while persueing an engineering degree and the type of environment we have been continuously delivering to the students is the root cause of this unemployment issue. Here in India as for example if 1 lakhs students passes exam every year then out of them 80,000 are just to take the degree certificate. That’s why we don’t find any quality engineers in our society.
See in modern day, Engineering field has become just like a white piece of paper in which anyone in the entire world comes and Write anything. This is because of the narrow mindset of our society and lack of intent in education system.
Students are pursuing Engineering just because they have nothing else to do in other fields. If a person don’t have interest in any field then he or she decides to do Engineering. Which should definitely not be happened. One should do anything on behalf of his interest and passion. So the simple answer is that India is producing just the quantity of engineers not the quality engineers, that’s why most of them remain jobless.


As we can see that this problem is more of a system and atmosphere issue, where the students are being inserted in. But if a student is absolutely determined to do something and have the taste of an engineer and he or she really wants to be a expertise in engineering with all brand new ideas then they should always be focused on learning and experiencing things.
When a student is studying in Engineering college, a student should always be focused on to learn things from basics to extreme level and try to gain full of knowledge of any particular topic which they are studying. The problem is that the students only focuses on to get the marks and to get the degree from which they can get jobs in any company. They forget that any company didn’t see marksheet but they want real skills in students. They want to hire professionals. So the needs to aware of the ongoing situation and as should only focuse on learning things, gaining knowledge, being skillful and practical.
By applying these simple tactics, they can be skillful and definitely not to be dependent on others to be employed in any company. If they are mentally strong enough to face the worse to worst situation then there is no way they can be unemployed. One will definitely find its way to be at a recognised position.


The solution is simple. We just need the implementation of things and tactics. We have lot of plans but their execution are being too difficult to be in action. The institutions and infrastructure need to be lot more disciplined and mature. They need to understand the demand of current fast moving world. Faculties should be at their best in terms of delivering skillful and knowledgeable content to the students. They should not worry about the syllabus or portion they have to complete. But they should always be at that perspective that the students gain full of concept and practical knowledge a about any particular topic. If the faculties and institutions will be at their peak every time, try to make students aware of different different ideas, enforce the practical training most of the time, then the students will also be keen to get their hands on practicing things with their own.
Thats the only way to develop a bunch of quality engineers in the country. Once their academic time is over and they are skilled and have some expertise in anything they enjoyed then they need not be search for a job or join a company, they can think well enough to build their own business, ideas, deliver their knowledge and experience to some of well recognised authority.


This is not a debate or a controversial topic. This is the harsh reality of our current scenario in engineering world. Their are some loopholes that need to be corrected or filled up. If all these things which are mentioned above from a faculty to a student point of view, are taken in well order and implemented in no time then definitely the situation will be better. The government should definitely step into this serious situation and the best they can, by developing well oriented colleges, infrastructure, providing more options for learning skills and employment. The students must follow their interest and always try to be master of the things they are learning. They should never rush towards marks or grades, they should always at their best in terms of gaining knowledge and experience.
Thus by the combined efforts of government, institutions, faculties and students, this major issue can be solved and we can see the betterment of our engineers in future.

That was all about the unemployment of engineers in India. Hope you all like this article. If you have any questions related to this or any mechanical engineering topics then let us know in comment box below or feel free to contact us through email. If this was helpful to you then share this article to your friends.
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