About us

Who we are ?

We the creators of Mechanicaltalks are belong to a city named Dhanbad in the state of Jharkhand.
Mechanicaltalks is being handled by the team of two persons. The whole development and implementation of this website has done by Mr. Randeep Paramanik who is a web developer as well as SEO specialist. Randeep is currently handling more than 20 websites. The contents of this website is being written by Mr. Ayush Kumar Poddar who is a graduate engineering student in mechanical engineering as well as diploma holder.

Why we are here ?

Mechanicaltalks is a website which contains each and every authentic and specific information related to mechanical engineering with a very simple and effective way. Here in Mechanicaltalks we provide every academic topics, conceptual topics, debatable topics and research related topics with a very unique and different way of learning.
This website also contains important MCQs of mechanical engineering, job updates and some of knowledgeable facts about mechanical world.

Our Motive
The one and only aim of Mechanicaltalks is to provide each and every student a very genuine and authentic information regarding of which they came here for. We want to make students a real and genuine engineer not a lemon 🍋 engineer, by providing them a unique and satisfactory content.
At the end we all know that –
“शिक्षा वो शेरनी का दूध है, जिसे जो पिया है वो दहाड़ा है”। ( Educational is that kind of power, by virtue of which anyone can rule the world ).