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As we have discussed in our earlier article that what is the importance of mechanical engineers in this world. How a mechanical engineer is as needy as food, water and house for any nation. 

Now here in this article we will discuss about what will probably be the future of mechanical engineers in this ongoing situation and how a mechanical engineer should be prepared from his college days to face the upcoming challenges in his/ her path.


The journey of a mechanical engineer starts from the day he/she fill up the form of either engineering or diploma from relevant organisation which conduct entrance examinations in different different states or they fill JEE – MAINS to inter into IIT or NIT.

Some students are fully dedicated to get that one seat in that particular college in which they are desired to take admission.

But some are just like preparing for examination just for fun not seriously thinking that if they will not crack it they will something else.


When a student get admission in engineering college either for diploma or degree, he or she should always be aware of the situation and environment they are in. They should not be get over exited or too low by the new place they are in. If a student is really keen to be a perfect or specialist mechanical engineer or any engineer then he/ she should always be focused on learning things by practicing.

While studying in Engineering college, a student should always be focused on to learn things from basics to extream level and try to gain full of knowledge of any particular topic which they are studying. The problem is that the students only focuses on to get the marks and to get the degree from which they can get jobs in any company. They forget that any company didn’t see marksheet but they want real skills in students. They want to hire professionals. So they need to aware of the ongoing situation and one should only focuse on learning things, gaining knowledge, being skillful and practical.

If the student follow this kind of path then they will be never come under the tag of “unemployed”.


The future of a mechanical engineer is just like two sides of a coin. In one side it seems very bright, hopeful, extraordinary but in other side it seems dull, depressed, finished.

The fact is that it is in our hand either to make a bright and empowering future or to just be dull, depressed.

We all know that the world will stop if the mechanical engineer stop working their duty. So the question arise how a student become unemployed after doing mechanical engineering if the whole world is run by mechanical engineers by a great contribution. The simple answer is that today’s engineers are becoming a “Lemon Engineer” which means they are just studying these 4 years for a degree not for experience, knowledge and learnings as I have mentioned above. If the student follow that rule in his/her daily schedule then there’s no way they will be unemployed. Yes they will definitely not get a government sector Job or in multinational company but they will definitely have a stable career as other by other means like business, faculty, teaching, educational field etc. The importance of mechanical engineer is above the expectations as we have discussed it my previous article. Let’s think why the future will not be bright. Every single thing is interrelated to mechanical engineering. 

In future, new technologies, ideas, thoughts, innovations will develop. These are the things in which a mechanical engineer role becomes more powerful and vital.


So the summary is that the mechanical engineering and mechanical engineers are never going to be neglected or not worthy. It will always be ahead of any other field. But the thing is that we as a mechanical engineer need to be perfectionist, specialist, and master of any field we are working in. Then only the pride of mechanical engineering will be save and at the top. Our education system needs to be well maintained and propell students according to the ongoing situation of mechanical engineering department. They should always be focused more into practical guidance and advice. There should be frequently assessment of students about their thoughts, creativity, learning experience etc. Students should also be creative and innovative in the field or areas whatever makes them comfortable or they love to do.

This was all about the journey of a mechanical engineer and future of mechanical engineering in this world. Hope you all like this content. If you enjoyed reading this and learn anything from this then please do share this with your friends so that they will also get aware of every facts related to mechanical engineering. For any queries you can contact us via email.

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