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Can you ever imagine this entire world without any mechanical engineer?

 The answer is simply NO, without any doubt. Let’s forget the term mechanical engineering. Only focus on the mechanical. What does it mean for? How it is everywhere all around us?

 Here in this article, we will try to find all of these answers with ease and relatable examples.


As per the name suggests, the term ‘mechanical’ means something related to machine. Now the biggest question is what is a machine? If you are an Indian viewer then you have definitely watched the film 3 idiots (one of the iconic Indian movie). There in that film both CHATUR and RANCHO gave different different definitions of machine. But everyone knows what the real and right one was. It was that one of Rancho. He simply says, “Any device which reduces human efforts is called machine”. 

From a pant zip to a big earth quacking equipment, everything is machine. Thus machine is everywhere around us and so does mechanical. Mechanical is basically connected by machine or produced by machine. Thus whenever you see anything like machine, understand there is mechanical. So the entire world nothing without mechanical. Now you would have some idea what is mechanical actually means.


A person can’t even imagine his or her life without mechanical. 

Can you imagine yourself without any clothes? No, simply not. That clothes are made by a sewing machine and that’s mechanical.

Can you go anywhere else more than 5 or 10 kilometers by your feet. No, we want bicycle, bike, car, train, airplane etc. Each and everything is of machine and that’s mechanical.

There’s list of infinite things in the world that has no existence without mechanical.

Our household, our colony, our entire society and all around the world is surrounded by mechanical.

A wall watch is run on mechanical. A lock is works in mechanical with key. You got electricity in your house because power plants and that’s mechanical. From the smallest of things to the one of largest projects, everything is dependent upon mechanical.

Thus it will be fare enough to say that it is low to say importance of mechanical in the world but “whole world is because of mechanical”. 


See, let me clear one thing that this article is not to state that mechanical engineering is best among every other disciplines in the world. Each and every discipline has their own priority, own value and capitalisation.

The only thing is that what the effect of mechanical engineering in this world. And you know that as well.

There are lots of other fields of working such as electrical, civil, electronics, computer science and the list is goes on. Each field has their own role to play but the thing is everyone is incomplete without mechanical engineering.

Suppose a civil engineer is working on road project. The entire project will be stopped without the help of mechanical department. Their raw material transportation is done by mechanical. Their raw materials are prepared for working in a machine i.e. mechanical. In fact their surveying tool is made by mechanical engineer.

Similarly a electrical engineer can’t simply even start his work without mechanical engineer. Their main work is to supply the power for which they need shafts, motors, gears and many more. Each and every thing is made by a mechanical engineer. The fun fact is that the electricity boards they use for power supply are dependent upon screws and nuts, and that too designed by a mechanical engineer.

This is the case with all other branches of working as well. They all are dependent on mechanical engineering. That’s why in every aspect mechanical engineering is different from every other disciplines in the world. In fact we can say the it is the core of every engineering department.


Thus we can summaries that Mechanical Engineering is that seed through which every other crops( disciplines) develop. It is that sector which holds the grip of entire world’s service, management, development.

Without mechanical engineering it is impossible to think anything in this hazardous and modern fast moving world.

With all new Inventions and techniques involving in modern time the role of mechanical engineering is becoming more and more precious and necessary and so does of a mechanical engineer. A mechanical engineer can give this world brand new different different ideas, thoughts, innovations etc. This is all depends how one thinks and how passionate one about his or her profession.

That was all about the Mechanical Engineering in this article. Their importance, existence, differences and many more. Further in other articles we will get to know what is future of mechanical engineering in the ongoing situation? How a mechanical engineering aspirant get himself ready for any circumstances? Also we will get to know what are the major sectors of working a fresher can get the job in mechanical engineering field.

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