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As an engineering student, its very obvious that you will put at the situation where you are one on one with any recruiter or hiring manager. Most of the students are aware of this but they actually consider this just like a Facebook or Instagram meme. They don’t give a damn value to this one of the most important thing in their career. The interview of any person extract the best from his / her. If a person have the knowledge of anything then he or she should definitely explore himself in different different kind of situation and for this, a interview or one to one interaction is one of the best way. Here in this article we will have some knowledge and explanation about how a interview should be given a student specially in engineering field ? What one should keep in mind while giving an interview ?

Know your interviewer

If you are appearing in any personal interview, the first thing that comes in your mind is about how the interviewer will be ? How will he or she will behave ? What kind of questions they are gonna asked ? So it is very important to explore the interviewer. The kind of interviewer you will get, the kind of questions will be asked. There are also differences between hiring managers. Some are well fletched expertise whereas some are on a different mode.

It is quite obvious that you won’t understand any recruiter in deep down but you can absolutely research about the company or the organisation to get aware of the realistic things and by doing that you will definitely have the idea about what type of HR you gonna get. What type of questions he or she will ask. Thus we can simply say that knowing the recruiter is not so easy for any student but they can easily explore the possibility of emotions and behaviour of any recruiter.

All you need to do

In any kind of interview weather it is engineering or any professional, one thing one should definitely keep in mind that to be what you are. Do not try to complicate things. The preparation for any interview starts from the initial days. An aspirant should be prepare for the worst condition always. One should start talking to himself or herself. Try to repeat things and other complicated ideas in mind. One can also take a partner or a person who will be act as a recruiter and the aspirant should be mock interviewed in front of him. They must create a well interview type environment around them. This kind of preparations are really helpful in real life. After going through this kind of helpful passage of preparations, the aspirant will definitely develop a kind of self belief and confidence. After this, the aspirant must get aware about everything and strategically planned for the company or organisation in which he or she is going to give the interview. The more knowledge they have about the recruitment cell the higher will be the chances of selection. 

Then, the main fundamentals begins after this. The students should choose any five subjects in which they are masters or have greater knowledge. This is because, it has been seen that each and every interviewer definitely asked about the favourite subjects in interviews. Then they asked top questions relatively. Because wanna test the real skill of the student. They want to check that whether you have proper knowledge of the specific subject which you have chosen. As you have selected your subjects, then try to explore every hot topic from them. Be focused on that particular topics and just kill them from bottom to top. You should be an expert of that particular topic or subject. You should solve every critical and numericals from that topic. You should be prepare yourself at that point where there is a less than a second time between anyone’s questions and your answers.


Thus we can conclude that its the interview which takes out the best from any person. So for the preparation of any one to one interaction or interview does take a lot effort and dedication. If you are serious enough to crack it then you are always in. You just have to be patient, confident and most importantly real in that particular session. Just try to explain the things from the basics. Whatever you knows just carried them with you with a lots of self belief. Don’t try to complicate things in front of the recruiter. If you don’t know the answer of any particular question then just say “sorry sir”, that’s it. Whichever answers you are giving always tell them with confidence and emotions. By applying these little things in interviews, you will be able to crack any interview. 

That was a brief explanation about how to prepare for interviews. Hope you all like this article. If you have any questions related to this or any mechanical engineering topics then let us know in comment box below or feel free to contact us through email. If this was helpful to you then share this article to your friends.

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