Fundamental of Refrigeration and it’s application.

Fundamentals of refrigeration


Generally when a human being thinks of a refrigeration it reminds them about freezing of anything. But is refrigeration that simple as everyone thinks ?
No, it does not. Then the question is WHAT IS REFRIGERATION and why it is not as simple as it looks like?

Let’s find out.

Basic concept of refrigeration

In simple language refrigeration is a science to evaluate and maintain favourable temperature below that of surrounding atmosphere. It simply means the extraction of heat from a substance to be cooled. We all know that heat always passes downhill ,from a higher temperature body to a lower one , until both bodies are at same temperature.

( Extraction of heat from substance to be cooled.)
Take a simple example, a person[soldier] who lives in a snowfall area[temp -20′ C] comes in a place relatively very high temperature[20’C]. At that situation the heat flows from a higher room temperature to lower body temperature of that person, until both get equaled. But this situation doesn’t fulfill the criteria of refrigeration because as in refrigeration heat extraction is necessary from the body. That’s why every heat flowing process doesn’t come under the criteria of refrigeration.

History of refrigeration

In earlier days, before the advent of mechanical refrigeration natural ice from lakes and rivers was preserved in winter season and used as per requirement in cooling of various things, easily say to maintain a lower temperature in space and may properly be called as “REFRIGERATION”.
( Earlier peoples using river’s ice for cooling space)

Method of refrigeration

Generally, refrigeration occurred by one of the following three ways :-
1. By melting of solid
2. By sublimation of solid
3. By evaporation of liquid . (mostly use)

 Mechanical refrigeration system depends upon evaporation of liquid refrigerant and it’s circuit includes four equipments named –
(a). compressor
(b). condenser
(c). evaporator
(d). expansion valve


Elements of refrigeration

A refrigeration system must include at least four basic unit as given below –

1. A low temperature thermal “SINK” to which heat will flow from the space to be cooled.
2. Means of extracting energy from the sink, raising the temperature level of that energy and delivering it to heat receiver.
3. A receiver to which heat will be transferred from the high temperature and high pressure refrigerant.
4. Means of reducing of pressure and temperature of refrigerant as it returns from the receiver to sink.

Important application of refrigeration

:-  It has a huge application in food processing, preservation and distribution.
:-  Household and domestic uses.
:-  Also a great impact in chemical and process industry.
:-  Some special application such as cold treatment of metal, medical industries, construction  units, manufacturing department etc.
:-  Refrigeration also excessively applicable in comfort AIR-CONDITIONING.

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