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 FLUID MECHANICS – Important questions ( MCQ) | Set 1

Here are top 20 important MCQs of fluid mechanics. Read the questions carefully and try to answer all of them from your own.

Q1. For manometer, a better liquid combination in one having
(a.) Higher surface tension
(b.) Lower surface tension
(c.) Surface tension is no criterion
(d.) High density and viscosity
(e.) Low density and Viscosity

Q2. The property of fluid by virtue of which it offers resistance to shear is called
(a.) Surface tension
(b.) Adhesion
(c.) Cohesion
(e.) All of the above

Q3. If w is the specific weight of liquid and h is the depth of any point from the surface, then pressure intensity at that point will be
(a.) h
(b.) wh
(c.) w/h
(d.) h/w
(e.) 1/wh

Q4. The ratio of absolute viscosity to the mass density is known as
(a.) Specific viscosity
(b.) Viscosity index
(c.) Kinematic viscosity
(d.) Coefficient of viscosity
(e.) Coefficient of compressibility

Q5. Which of the following is the unit of kinematic viscosity
(a.) Pascal
(b.) Poise
(c.) Stoke
(d.) Faraday
(e.) None of the above

Q6. A one dimensional flow is one which
(a.) Is uniform flow
(b.) Is steady uniform flow
(c.) Takes place in straight lines
(d.) Involves zero transverse component of flow
(e.) Takes place in one dimension.

Q7. Alcohol is used in manometers because
(a.) It has low vapour pressure
(b.) It is clearly visible
(c.) It can provide longer column due to low density
(d.) It has low surface tension
(e.) It provides suitable meniscus

Q8. A pressure of 25 m head of water is equal to ( in kN/m^2 )
(a.) 25
(b.) 245
(c.) 2500
(d.) 2.5
(e.) 12.5

Q9. Specific weight of sea water is more than that of pure water because it contains
(a.) Dissolved air
(b.) Dissolved salt
(c.) Suspended matter
(d.) All of the above
(e.) Heavy water

Q10. If 850 kg liquid occupies volume of 1 m^3, then 0.85 represents its
(a.) Specific weight
(b.) Specific mass
(c.) Specific gravity
(d.) Specific density
(e.) None of the above

Q11. Free surface of a liquid tends to contract to the smallest possible area due to force of
(a.) Surface tension
(c.) Friction
(d.) Cohesion
(e.) Adhesion

Q12. Falling drops of water become spheres due to the property of
(a.) Adhesion
(b.) Cohesion
(c.) Surface tension
(e.) Compressibility

Q13. A liquid would wet the solid, if adhesion forces as compared to cohesion forces are
(a.) Less
(b.) More
(c.) Equal
(d.) Less at low temperature and more at high temperature
(e.) There is no such criterion.

Q14. The resultant upward pressure of the fluid on an immersed body is called
(a.) Upthrust
(b.) Buoyancy
(c.) Centre of pressure
(d.) All of the above
(e.) None of the above.

Q15. Poise is the unit of
(a.) Surface tension
(b.) Capillarity
(d.) Shear stress in fluids
(e.) Buoyancy.

Q16. The buoyancy depends on
(a.) Mass of liquid displaced
(b.) Viscosity of the liquid
(c.) Pressure of the liquid displaced
(d.) Depth of immersion
(e.) None of the above.

Q17. The centre of gravity of the volume of the liquid displaced by an immersed body is called
(a.) Meta centre
(b.) Centre of pressure
(c.) Centre of buoyancy
(d.) Centre of gravity
(e.) None of the above.

Q18. If the surface of liquid is convex, then
(a.) Cohesion pressure is negligible
(b.) Cohesion pressure is decreased
(c.) Cohesion pressure is increased
(d.) There is no cohesion pressure
(e.) None of the above.

Q19. To avoid an interruption in the flow of a syphon, an air vessel is provided
(a.) At the inlet
(b.) At the outlet
(c.) At the summit
(d.) At any point between inlet and outlet
(e.) None of the above.

Q20. The property by virtue of which a liquid opposes relative motion between its different layers is called
(a.) Surface tension
(c.) Coefficient of viscosity
(d.) Osmosis
(e.) Cohesion.

That was the top 20 MCQs Set  2 of fluid mechanics. These are the most important questions for government examinations.
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