Why Electric Vehicles catching fire in India?

All the Electric Vehicle lovers has a new worry in front of them because of several incidents involving two-wheelers bursting into flames since last month. 

But why is this happening? Let's try to find out!

Many misconceptions such as the Indian summers and poor thermal management are the reasons for this, is totally wrong.

We have to closely look at the packaging and design of the lithium - ion (Li-ion) batteries used in Electic Vehicle (EV).

lithium-ion (Li-ion) cells requires a minimum of 100°C before suffering a "thermal runaway incident" and that causes EV fires.

In recent times, most of the battery fires are due to short circuits leading to uncontrolled current. 

In this condition, the cells heat themselves up beyond 100°C. Poor cell quality and tawdry battery design causes short circuits.

The rise in temperature because of bad battery manegement system, affects life and performance of the battery, But it doesn’t cause EV fire.

There has to be a short circuit for the battery cell to hit that sort of temperature which causes fire.

To short out this issue the Quality control (QC) for battery pack assembly and the localized component manufacturing needs to be perfected.

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