Why Tata Nano failed?

The word failure is generally not something we associate with the Tata Group.

But as we know that theres a spot on the moon as well. So, here the spot is "Tata Nano" in TATA group.

Let's see! How did a product that was so hyped up, fade so fast?

There are multiple mistakes that led to this disaster. Number one is "Wrong marketing strategy".

The Tatas marketed the Nano as the cheapest car in India and that was there's biggest fault.

The consumers took the low price of the Nano as an indication of its quality. Since, in India most of us treat a car as a status symbol. So, its low price becomes a symbol of poverty.

The second reason was the delayed delivery of the Tata Nano. The resulting delays and costs associated with it had a tremendous impact on the final product.

Tata Nano was finally released almost two years behind its original release date. Also, the final product was priced at Rs. 2.59 lakhs and not at Rs. 1 lakh, as was promised.

Thus, Failed promises along with delayed delivery contributed to the Tata Nano failure.

Third reason is Safety concern. Reports started coming up of Tata Nanos catching fire for mysterious reasons. 

Whatever the reason may be of this fire, but the fact remains that the Tata Nano was completely ruined in the public eye.

So, that was the major reasons of Tata Nano failure..