Have you ever wondered what would happen if vehicles did not have springs?


We have definitely seen many things in our surroundings which works on the basis of Springs. Springs are one the most important component now a days in every structure or machine elements


What is a spring ?

A spring is an elastic body, whose function is to distort or deflect when loaded, and similarly to recover its original shape when the load is removed.


Do you know why spring is important for our vehicles ?

Did you know that different different types of springs are made for each vehicle, its size as well as the material used to make it.

Benefits :-

#1. It is easy to make leaf springs.

#2. These springs are powerful.

#3. The rear axle helps to reduce excess weight.

#4. Axle damping is controlled by leaf springs.

#5.  Reduce costs by eliminating the need for a consistent arm and pan hard rod.

Types of springs :

1. Helical Spring

2. Leaf springs

3. Belleville Spring

4. Volute and conical spring

5. Some Special purpose springs

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