Top 10 question from Cam and follower


The size of a cam depends upon?

-Base circle

2. The angle between the direction of the follower motion and a normal to the pitch curve is called?

-Pressure angle

3. A circle drawn with centre as the cam centre and radius equal to the distance between the cam centre and the point on the pitch curve at which the pressure angle is maximum, is called?

-Pitch circle

4. The cam follower generally used in automobile engines is?

-Spherical faced follower

5.The cam follower extensively used in air-craft engines is?

-Roller follower

6. In a radial cam, the follower moves?

-In a direction perpendicular to the cam axis

7. Ofset is provided to a cam follower mechanism to?

-Minimise the side thrust

8. For low and moderate speed engines, the cam follower should move with?

-Simple harmonic motion

9. For high speed engines, the cam follower should move with?

-Cycloidal motion

10. Which of the following displacement diagrams should be chosen for better dynamic performance of a cam-follower mechanism ?

-Cycloidal motion.

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