SUV Vs SEDAN: Which car is most suitable for you?

People often confused of whether they should buy an SUV or a sedan. Both of these are quite popular.

Both SUV and sedan have their own pros and cons. Let's discuss some of them.

An SUV is costlier than a sedan. The reason is because an SUV features technology which is quite expensive.

In terms of dimensions, an SUV is taller in height in comparison to a sedan.

Thus, while driving the SUV, you have a better view of the road ahead.

A sedan tends to offer better fuel efficiency than an SUV. This is because the sedan is smaller than an SUV in every aspect.

In terms of safety, the sedan tends to be a safer option than an SUV.

SUV is a vehicle that can literally go anywhere with power being fed to all four wheels. 

Thus, We can clearly see that the SUV outshines a sedan in many aspects.