There is a sense of competition in every field. Whether its in school, sports, business or inventions.

We all know that the world has witnessed 2 of the most popular scientists in the name of Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein.

But have you ever imagined, who has smarter brain? Or who has explore the world more?

It will be quite silly to compare them with each other. But let's have some specialities of both.

Undoubtedly, Newton was the best mathematician.

On the other hand Einstein was a great thinker or smarter sense.

Newton gives everything like gravity, mechanics, calculus and many more.

Einstein gives relativity, quantum theory, photoelectric effect and many more.

Newton simply rule the world of puzzles and calculations.

Einstein absolutely brilliant in imagination, brain orientation and thus was a gem of physics.

So, the conclusion is they both can't even compared to each other. Both have their own specialities.

They both have made the whole world proud with their extraordinary talent and hard work.