"IIT Bombay Achieves Record-Breaking Salaries and High Placement Rates in 2022-23 Campus Placements

IIT Bombay recorded its highest annual international salary at Rs 3.7 crore and domestic salary at Rs 1.7 crore during its annual placements.

The engineering and technology sector had the highest recruitment numbers, with average compensation slightly higher than the previous year.

IT/software hiring decreased compared to the previous year.

The average salary on campus for this season was Rs 21.8 lakh per annum (CTC), compared to Rs 21.5 lakh and Rs 17.9 lakh in the previous two years.

In the 2022-23 placement season, 16 offers of over Rs 1 crore per annum were made.

International offers were made by companies in the US, Japan, UK, Netherlands, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

IIT Bombay conducts placements in two phases: one in December and the second between January and June/July.

The engineering and technology sector saw 458 students selected by 97 core engineering companies for entry-level positions.

IT/software jobs were offered to 302 students by over 88 companies, making the IT sector the second-largest recruiter after engineering.

Overall, 82% (1,516) of the total students (1,845) actively participating in the placement season for 2022-23 were successfully placed