There are vehicles in everyone's house, which are used every day for some work, but no one will know the work of even a single part of their vehicles.

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So let's know about some important parts of our Vehicles.

The most Important part of our vehicles


The "clutch" is a device to continue or discontinue load on the engine as necessary to solve these problems.

Where is the clutch in our Vehicles?

Position of clutch


The clutch is installed between the engine and transmision. It transmits the power of the engine generally through the use of fiction.

The chach is linked to the clutch pedal and the passenger compartment. When the driver presses down on the clutch pedal, the linkages causes the clutch to disengage.

Working of clutch

When the clutch pedal is in the released condition (i.e. when the clutch is engaged), the pressure plate is pushed

Working of clutch

solidly in direction of the flywheel by the diaphragm spring, which is located inside the clutch cover.

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