Get private jobs up to 15 lakhs per annum in mechanical engineering!

India is a country of youths and so does a country of engineers.

Lakhs of students passed every year in engineering field.

But because of increasing competition and population, 90% of them remain unemployed.

Here I will give you some genuine ideas and resources from where you can get a job upto 15 lakh per annum in engineering field.

At first make a perfect resume and portfolio of yours.

Mention each and every details wisely including your education, experience, skills, ability etc.

Then you must make a profile on linkedin. Here you will get genuine and quality job sources accordingly.

After that you can also registered yourself on different job providing websites like Apna, Naukri etc.

Please be active on these portals and apply for each and every relevant jobs.

You will get interview call or email for sure. If you have some specialities that fulfill their needs then you will definitely get the job.

Here you will get opportunities in different manufacturing companies and industries.

At last, keep in mind that always try to learn some skills and enhance that day by day.

If you have some specialities and skills then you can play in crores not only in lakhs.