Chrysler 300 is all set to end it's production by 2023

Before it's farewell, it is realising an all new limited addition 2023 Chrysler 300C.

After this, many peoples are suprising whether this automaker giant is replacing it with EV?

The iconic 300 sedan first appears on the party in 1955.

But after ruling the auto industry for decades, iconic 300 sedan is having a farewell in 2023.

Chrysler 300 is also popularly known as the "mini Bentley" die to its splendid look.

While the 300 has been extremely popular and great sales in history.

Its numbers in recent years have drastically demolished to minimal figures.

In fact, CNBC reports that the units sold in the last two years are only around 17,000.

So, let's see! What surprises we can expect from this automaker giant.