Best Career Option to Choose After Mechanical Engineering

After completing a degree in mechanical engineering, there are several career paths that you can choose from.

Here are some of the best courses and career options after mechanical engineering:

This does not mean that it will be right for you also. You should choose your career according to your choice and interest.

**MTech in Mechanical Engineering**

This is a postgraduate course that can be taken after a bachelor's degree in engineering, technology, or science.

    **Mechatronics**: Mechatronics is the combination of multiple fields of engineering and sciences.

**Supply Chain Management**: Supply chain management uses mechanical engineering to design, manufacture, and maintain machines and production lines.

**Masters in Business Administration**: An MBA degree can help you handle businesses and move to management-based roles in a company.

**Design Engineer**

**Project Engineer**

**Senior Manufacturing Engineer**

You can also learn about other fields which can prove to be very good career in future.