In the modern scenario, everyone wants to have a luxurious and carefree life.

Same is with the case of cars. Everyone needs a smooth and joyful ride.

So, the question is which car transmission we should choose? Automatic or Manual !

Here you will get a brief explanation of both the systems, theirs pros and cons. Then you can choose by yourself.

The most important factor is cost. Manual cars cost less than the automatic one.

Manual cars always have a better fuel economy than automatic cars.

But now automatic cars are also overtaking the manual cars in this factor.

You can't experience the real fun of driving a car in automatic cars. 

But in Manual Cars, you can feel the real fun of gears, accelerating, clutches etc.

If you are a sports car lover then you won't find best of automatic cars.

So, overall you can conclude that manual cars are still best in the business.