As the debate of AC Vs Cooler continues, we are here giving you a real reason of "why you should opt for Air Cooler".

At first you all know that Cooler is comparatively affordable than AC. It's overall cost is quite low.

The Quality of air provided by Air Cooler is way more better than Air Conditioner. Because AC circulates same air again and again in the room.

AC also overly dries the air, that's why air quality decreases and it is not good for asthma or dust allergy customers.

Air Conditioner uses CFC or HCFC as their refrigerant, which is very harmful to the environment.

Whereas, Air Cooler uses water as the refrigerant. Which is absolutely eco environment friendly.

Air Coolers are easily installable and portable. You can simply use this according to your convenience.

On the other hand, Air Conditioner requires additional arrangements for installation, Whether you have a Split or Window AC.

And at the end, your electricity bill will be almost 75% less, if you are using a Air Cooler instead of Air Conditioner.

So, be smarter before buying any cooling medium because it will not only affect you but also the environment !