Cars are now like a family member of every individual. So, everyone wants to have a long journey with their favourite cars.

Insufficient lubrication can damage the engine. So, Check the engine oil level regularly and keep it topped up.

Check the tyre pressure regularly. Because Wrong inflation can cause major problems.

Change gears as smoothly as possible. Also, avoid resting the left foot on the clutch since this can lead to a damaged clutch plate.

Accelerating immediately after a cold start can damage the engine. So, Warm the car up or drive slowly for the first few Km.

check the driving belts / timing belty regularly and get them replaced if they are worn.

Get the car serviced at the specified interval. Servicing makes your car well and truly new.

Seal all the holes and cavities in the car body with the help of grease or wax.

And lastly, check the cooling system regularly and wash the car with high pressure in regular interval.