7 Tips to Extend life of your AC (thumbnail)

• Summer is on its peak And now you all are switched to AC and Cooler mode. But everyone wants a Durable AC. Here is the 7 useful tips to extend your AC life !!!

1. Clean outdoor

The outer part of your cooling device should be free of roots or weeds. You should also make sure that it is flat, level and taller than the surface soil so that water does not accumulate on the bottom when it rains.

2. Use fans

A fan can definitely make things easier in warmest days. If you put the fan by a window, make sure you choose a window on the shady side of the house so you draw in cooler air.

3. Check Airflow

Make sure the areas around the vents are clear so that nothing blocks your airflow—on both outlets and return air strainers

4. Turn off humidifiers

In the summer you don’t need more humidity in home. It will just make your air conditioning have to run longer. Thus, Make sure you set it to the “summer” or “off” setting before starting your AC.

5. Change Your Filters

This is very useful. Dry, dusty conditions, pets or summer pollen can really clog up a filter. So, it is quite important.

6. Clean Your Indoor Coil

If dirt builds up on the indoor coil, it cannot cool your air the way it’s supposed to do. So, be careful to do this stuff.

7. Keep Electronics Off

This may not add much heat to your home, but little things can add up over time. Also remember to keep lights and televisions off when not in use.