5 AC tricks, you must apply for better performance and save electricity..🔥

If you have a AC in your home, then we have some important things for you.

By applying this, you will not only be able to improve the cooling and efficiency of AC.

But you will also be able to save electricity bill. So, let's take a look!

After installing the AC, do not keep its rear part in such a place where it is getting direct sunlight.

When you turn on the AC in your room, then also turn on the fan and run it on low or medium speed only. This will make your room cool more quickly.

If you clean your AC filter every two weeks, then it will also reduce your electricity bill.

Try to service your AC regularly. With this, AC does better cooling, lasts longer and also saves electricity.

Don't lower the AC temperature to much to get extra cooling. 

According to BEE, You will get the best cooling from your AC when you set it to 24°C.